In c2interioristas we are a young and enthusiastic team who love interior design and decorating in general. We are passionate about creating and innovating and we believe that both decoration and design should fulfil a purpose as well as being beautiful.

Our team is made up of: Alejandro Chavés, interior designer, Esther Cerdán, decorator-interior architect, Rafael González, technical architect, with the collaboration of Magda Sánchez, interior designer, head of the Madrid area.

Our main job is to save you time and money (and headaches) on your project. 

“An inexpensive interior design project is one that saves you time and money as well as fulfilling the objective for which it was created”

What do we do?:

  • We listen.
  • We think.
  • We design.
  • We create. 

We listen:
We meet up with you to hear your idea and your needs so that we can write out a programme of requirements, in this way we guarantee the final design is really what you need. 

We think:
This is the Brainstorming phase where we come up with an original idea be that for an interior design project, the design for a piece of furniture or a complete refurbishment.


We design:
We give your idea shape through plans, sketches and 3D infographs (computer graphics).

In this phase we meet again to show you our design proposal which consists of:

  • Space distribution.
  • Design and choice of furniture.
  • Lighting.
  • Coverings and finishing touches.
  • Decoration.

Along with our design proposal we prepare a financial quote so that we can control the final cost and keep within your budget.

We create:
We manage, carry out and control all the skills (engineering, construction, carpentry, furniture making, etc.)

“Leave it in our hands and enjoy the results”. 

Contact us and tell us your idea, we will send you a free, made-to-measure quote; no strings attached.