Interior design projects:

Design for work premises or for the home, we carry out interior decorating projects for private individuals and for companies. We take charge of the design and all the necessary aspects to make your project successful.


Let´s say, for example, that we are talking about refurbishing a restaurant; we take care of the design, the distribution of the space from the main dining area to the bathrooms, making the most of the space. We choose the materials and the finishes for all the areas according to their function and their technical and esthetic requirements.

We take into account the natural light and the artificial lighting, the furniture and the decoration, to create atmospheres that are both harmonious and functional.

We take care of the purchase of all the elements needed for the project; from lamps to material, even including plants, as well as managing and carrying out the job to guarantee an exquisite result.

Made-to-measure furniture:

Whether you have a project that requires special furniture or you are simply looking for a piece of furniture for a particular reason, you can count on us. In c2interioristas we design bespoke furniture for our clients.

On many occasions there is nothing available on the market, either because it doesn´t fit the space or because you need something that hasn´t been designed yet. Here we are; we love a challenge.


Licenses and Technical Reports:

Should you need a complementary service to your interior design project, or you just need the odd technical service, you can count on c2interioristas for the following:

  • Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Appraisals and Valuations.
  • Certificates for surface areas and antiquity.
  • Technical reports and expert opinions.
  • Energy Performance Certification.
  • Technical Building Inspection.
  • Legalization procedures and change of usage.
  • Building surveys.